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This is a cross platform library, written in .netstandard 2.0, that serves as an extension for autofac's containerbuilder. It will register all necessary classes and interfaces of Jimmy Bogard's MediatR implementation to the autofac-container so you can use cqrs and the mediator pattern right ahread without worrying about setting up required infrastracture code.


This package is available via nuget. You can install it using Visual-Studio-Nuget-Browser or by using the dotnet-cli

dotnet add package MediatR.Extensions.Autofac.DependencyInjection

If you want to add a specific version of this package

dotnet add package MediatR.Extensions.Autofac.DependencyInjection --version 1.0.0

For more information please visit the official dotnet-cli documentation.


After you have successfully installed the package go ahead to your class and use the extension.

public class Pong 
    public DateTime ResponseSendAt { get; }
    public Pong(responseSendAt)
        this.ResponseSendAt = responseSendAt;

public class PingCommand : IRequest<Pong> {} // Command

public class PingCommandHandler : IRequestHandler<PingCommand, Pong>
    public async Task Handle(PingCommand request, CancellationToken cancellationToken) 
        return await Task.FromResult(new Pong(DateTime.UtcNow)).ConfigureAwait(false);

public class Program 
    public async Task Main(string[] args)
        var builder = new ContainerBuilder();
        // this will add all your Request- and Notificationhandler
        // that are located in the same project as your program-class
        var container = builder.Build();
        var mediator = container.Resolve<IMediator>();
        var response = await mediator.Send(new PingCommand());
        // more code here

For more information about the usage please check out the samples I have provided.

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