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A set of class that extends the functionality of FuelPHP without affecting the standard workflow when the application doesn't actually utilize Hybrid feature.

Key Features

  • ACL class support unlimited roles and resources, configurable using either deny, view, create, edit, delete or all access type.
  • Auth class support normal user authentication or authentication using OAuth, OAuth2 or OpenID without any hassle, code inspired by NinjAuth Package.
  • 6 predefined Controller class for you to choose from, you can choose from either a Quick and Dirty, Template, Restful or Hybrid (Template + Restful) support.
  • Chart collection class using Google Visualization Library.
  • Pagination are now easier than ever, you can choose the default URI segment, querystring or custom route with a simple configuration, the code will handle the rest.
  • Request class support Restful + HMVC structure, a cool way to avoid use of cURL in your FuelPHP app.
  • Parser class support text filtering to either Markdown, Textile or BBCode.
  • Swiftmail class a good alternative for SwiftMailer lover, restructure to cope with FuelPHP coding standard.
  • Template class give you the option to follow MVC or move V into a full theme-like experience inside your public folder complete with assets subfolder (if you choose to).
  • oil refine autho give you room to customize your application migration structure, have some fields not available in the default list, just add it up after you run oil refine autho --install.

Other Features

  • Curl class
  • Currency class
  • Tabs class


  • Mior Muhammad Zaki
  • Arif Azraai
  • Ignacio Muñoz Fernandez


Hybrid for FuelPHP documentation is available at http://codenitive.github.com/fuel-hybrid and included on each download archive.