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#!/usr/bin/env python
from distutils.core import setup
from distutils.util import convert_path
from django_facebook import __version__, __maintainer__, __email__
from fnmatch import fnmatchcase
import os
import sys
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
except ImportError:
from distutils.core import setup, find_packages
standard_exclude = ['*.py', '*.pyc', '*~', '.*', '*.bak']
standard_exclude_directories = [
'.*', 'CVS', '_darcs', './build',
'./dist', 'EGG-INFO', '*.egg-info'
def find_package_data(where='.', package='', exclude=standard_exclude,
only_in_packages=True, show_ignored=False):
Return a dictionary suitable for use in ``package_data``
in a distutils ```` file.
The dictionary looks like::
{'package': [files]}
Where ``files`` is a list of all the files in that package that
don't match anything in ``exclude``.
If ``only_in_packages`` is true, then top-level directories that
are not packages won't be included (but directories under packages
Directories matching any pattern in ``exclude_directories`` will
be ignored; by default directories with leading ``.``, ``CVS``,
and ``_darcs`` will be ignored.
If ``show_ignored`` is true, then all the files that aren't
included in package data are shown on stderr (for debugging
Note patterns use wildcards, or can be exact paths (including
leading ``./``), and all searching is case-insensitive.
out = {}
stack = [(convert_path(where), '', package, only_in_packages)]
while stack:
where, prefix, package, only_in_packages = stack.pop(0)
for name in os.listdir(where):
fn = os.path.join(where, name)
if os.path.isdir(fn):
bad_name = False
for pattern in exclude_directories:
if (fnmatchcase(name, pattern)
or fn.lower() == pattern.lower()):
bad_name = True
if show_ignored:
print >> sys.stderr, (
'Directory %s ignored by pattern %s'
% (fn, pattern))
if bad_name:
if (os.path.isfile(os.path.join(fn, ''))
and not prefix):
if not package:
new_package = name
new_package = package + '.' + name
stack.append((fn, '', new_package, False))
stack.append((fn, prefix + name + '/', package, only_in_packages))
elif package or not only_in_packages:
# is a file
bad_name = False
for pattern in exclude:
if (fnmatchcase(name, pattern)
or fn.lower() == pattern.lower()):
bad_name = True
if show_ignored:
print >> sys.stderr, (
'File %s ignored by pattern %s'
% (fn, pattern))
if bad_name:
out.setdefault(package, []).append(prefix+name)
return out
excluded_directories = standard_exclude_directories + ['./requirements', './scripts']
package_data = find_package_data(exclude_directories=excluded_directories)
license_text = open('LICENSE.txt').read()
long_description = open('').read()
'Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable',
'Intended Audience :: Developers',
'License :: OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License (GPL)',
'Natural Language :: English',
'Operating System :: OS Independent',
'Programming Language :: Python',
'Topic :: Scientific/Engineering :: Mathematics',
'Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules',
'Framework :: Django'
DESCRIPTION = """Facebook open graph API client in python. Enables django applications to register users using facebook.
Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Enables mobile facebook authentication.
Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. FQL access via the server side api.
name = 'django-facebook',
version = __version__,
url = '',
author = __maintainer__,
author_email = __email__,
license = license_text,
# data_files=[('', ['LICENSE.txt',
# ''])],
description = DESCRIPTION,
classifiers = CLASSIFIERS
# tests_require=[
# 'django',
# ],
# test_suite='django_facebook.runtests.runtests',