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For NonJava languages:

  • please go to .\src\main<language>
  • chose your language
  • and follow instructions

For Java:

  • setup Java (JDK 7 or 8)
    • setup JAVA_HOME variable
  • setup Maven3
    • setup M2_HOME variable
    • setup Path variable
    • open cmd and run command 'mvn -version' it should print valid java and maven location
  • import this project as Maven project into Intellij Idea (Eclipse/ is not recommended)
  • please install Engine dependency
  • register your hero on server http://server/codenjoy-contest/register
  • in class .\src\main\java\com\codenjoy\dojo\bomberman\client\
    • put your email into USER_NAME constant instead of ''
    • implement logic inside method
      • public String get(Board board) {
    • run main method of YourSolver class
      • if you play on LAN please uncomment line
        • WebSocketRunner.runOnServer("", // to use for local server
      • and write valid server_host_ip instead of
      • this line you can use for connect to server
        •, // to use for server
    • on page http://server/codenjoy-contest/board/game/bomberman you can check the leaderboard - your bot should move
    • if something changed - restart the process
      • warning! only one instance of YourSolver class you can run per player - please check this
  • in class .\src\main\java\com\codenjoy\dojo\bomberman\client\
    • you can add you own methods for work with board
  • in test package .\src\test\java\com\codenjoy\dojo\bomberman\client
    • you can write yor own test
  • Codenjoy!