Interactive Programming Notebook for the Web Browser
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Codenode - Interactive Programming Notebook for the Web Browser

For complete documentation, please see:


Quick Install:

$ easy_install codenode

Recommend Install:

$ easy_install -U virtualenv pip
$ virtualenv --no-site-packages mycodenode_env
$ pip -E mycodenode_env install codenode

Quick Start:

$ codenode-admin codenode_desktop

Now open browser to http://localhost:8000


To use maplotlib, install matplotlib and numpy:

$ pip install numpy
$ pip install

Now use pylab commands in a notebook, and call show() to render the plot.


Please ask any questions or give any feedback! For help and feedback, go here:


Codenode is free software, licensed under the BSD. See the LICENSE file.


  • Jquery 1.4 update
  • Images saved as base64 in the cell contents in the database, rather than as files
  • Delete empty cell when pressing backspace (#49)
  • Suppress accidental back when pressing backspace (#51)
  • Save and restore open/closed state of cells (#55)


Deleting cells:

  • can delete cells by highlighting bracket and pressing backspace
  • context menu action for cell deletion
  • cell deletion causing notebook save

Django 2.1 Compatibility:

  • Updated audit trail
  • CSRF fixes

Chrome issues:

  • fixed width font
  • notebook renaming partial fix

Other issues:

  • ask user before navigating away from a page with unsaved changes
  • hide save as buttons
  • empty revision list does not cause error with new notebook
  • better image handling in engine output


Initial release