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An Chuck Norris Holy Quotes written in Crystal
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Chuck Norris Holy Quotes Awesome

Funny Chuck


  • Just For Fun ^^


make sure you have crystal language installed in your system, how to install

git clone
cd chuck-norris-holy-quotes
shards install
crystal build src/


Random Quote

$ ./chucknorriscr
$ [😌 ] What do you need honey?, you want random quote or what qoutes do you need ?
$ i want random quote norris # type this, must be with "random quote" to get random quote
$ [😝 ]Paul McCartney eats a vegan diet all the time -- except when he eats in the presence of Chuck Norris.

Needed Quote

$ [😌 ] What do you need honey?, you want random quote or what qoutes do you need ?
$ cats
$ [😝 ] Chuck Norris decided he needed to have a pet. He looked at dogs and cats then ended up getting a pet alligator named Fluffy.
$ [😝 ] cats don't mess with chuck norris, coz they know dat 1 kick from him equals to 5 cat lifes and we all know chuck norris doesn't kick once
$ [😝 ] Creepers are scared of cats because Chuck Norris does not harm cats. Creepers know that this means that Chuck Norris likes cats and vice versa. Therefore, they know that if they harm a cat that Chuck Norris will harm THEM. They also know that Chuck Norris does not like creepers; therefore the creepers know the cats would probably harm them.
$ [😝 ] On his way to St. Ives, Chuck Norris killed a man with seven wives. He then fucked all seven wives and stomped a SHITLOAD of cats and kittens to death.
$ [😝 ] Chuck Norris coughs up more daily hairballs than a dozen house cats strictly due to the volume of his daily muff-diving requests.
$ [😝 ] Chuck Norris once actually made it rain cats and dogs just so he could solve a mouse problem.
$ [😝 ] Chuck Norris loves all of his dogs, cats and horses .... with onions and gravy paired with a yak cheese, condor foie gras schmear on melba toast and a gallon jug of muscatel.
$ [😝 ] Cats have Chuck Norris-like reflexes.
$ [😝 ] Chuck Norris wears two cats impaled with croquet hoops as flip-flops.
$ [😝 ] When Chuck Norris raises his voice, local cats go into a blood frenzy
$ [😝 ] Chuck Norris does not walk dogs, his cats do.


  • Single and random quote
  • Eaching value from needed quote (thanks @bew)
  • Buffer feature
  • GUI Version

pwiz help me,


  1. Fork it ( )
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create a new Pull Request


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