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a Connector |> Distributed File System based on Symlinking (that fit author need)
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SDFS Go Report Card

Symlinked Distributed File System


SDFS use Symlink method to distribute file accross node (multi data center)

Current important feature that missing in SDFS is :

  1. Replication (You can use Glusterfs in storage node)
  2. Disordered Process/Async NFS (non-queue), probably your data can lost when your node (that use <92% disk usage) is crash
  3. Permission Validation
  4. Option & Customization
  5. Documentation
  6. Web Monitoring (Usage, Health Check, etc)
  7. etc


SDFS Has 2 route API, /api/connect for combine new node and /api/symlink to tell the master what and where the file should i distribute accross available node, yes you can use FileSystem watcher, but what if you have thousand of directory ?, yeah more RAM (currently master-server only save symlink file)

Tested & Used in Ubuntu 16.04

Master Server

  1. create a /data directory
  2. install sudo apt-get install nfs-common (make sure /etc/fstab are exist)
  3. Build master-server and run as sudo

Storage Server

  1. create a directory to receive data from Master-Server
  2. install sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server (make sure /etc/exports are exist)
  3. build storage-server and run ./main connect /path/to/receive/data storagenodeid ( is master ip address)

Example Usage

  1. Your application receive a file from user, and save that file in /mnt/storage/application/image/image.jpg
  2. After saving that file, tell master-server to distribute /mnt/storage/application/image/image.jpg (use /api/symlink)
  3. SDFS Will choose available storage-server and move the real file to storage-server then SDFS will create a symlink from storage-server to the first file path / saved file path
  4. You can easily use connect command to add new storage-server
POST master-server.ip:2219/api/symlink
# form url encoded, call this after you file has been saved
url: /path/to/saved/file.mp4

Development Log

  • 13 May 2019

Some code has not been tested (yet !)

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