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1.0.0 (SQL)

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@mmeloni mmeloni released this 21 May 11:05
· 1584 commits to master since this release


Major new features:

  • Relational (SQL) Support
    immudb can be used both as a key-value store and as a relational database (SQL), making it the first immutable database with relational capabilities. immudb also expands tampering verification capabilities to rows.
  • TimeTravel(™)
    immudb is the first database which allows you to do queries across time. You can pin a table into a point in time inside a query or subquery, allowing for powerful comparisons.
  • immudb Web Console
    immudb includes an embedded web console with administration and query capabilities. Create users, manage databases, and query relational data with no additional downloads or tools.
  • PostgreSQL wire protocol Compatibility
    immudb SQL features can be used with libraries compatible with the pgsql protocol. This means popular database access frameworks already available in Ruby, C, Java JDBC, PHP, etc., can be used to perform operations on immudb.


[v1.0.0] - 2021-05-20

Bug Fixes

  • fix windows installer service and missing flags
  • make prequisites fixes introduced in #726 (#732)
  • tlsConfig is always non-nil
  • cmd/immuclient/immuclienttest: fix options injection in client test helper (#749)
  • embedded: ensure readers get properly closed
  • embedded/sql: fix selector aliasing
  • embedded/sql: add missing error handling
  • embedded/sql: close reader after loading catalog
  • embedded/sql: prevent side effects in conditional clauses
  • embedded/store: fix issue when resuming indexing
  • embedded/store: notified latest committed tx when opening store
  • embedded/store: fix indexing data race
  • pkg/client: row verification with nullable values
  • pkg/client/cache: fix lock file cache issue on windows
  • pkg/client/cache: clean state file when re-writing old stetes
  • pkg/database: use SQLPrefix when reopening database
  • pkg/database: unwrap parameter before calling sqlexec
  • pkg/pgsql/server: handle data_row message with text format
  • pkg/server: complete error handling
  • pkg/server: disable pgsql server by default and fix previous server tests
  • pkg/sql: columns resolved with aliases
  • pkg/sql: resolve shift/reduce conflict in SELECT stmt


  • blank line needed after tag or interpreted as comment
  • improved make dist script
  • add pgsql related flags
  • increase coverage and minor fix
  • README SDK description and links (#717)
  • github workflow to run stress_tool (#714)
  • make roadmap about pgsql wire more explicit (#723)
  • fix immugw support
  • dblist interface is moved to database package and extended
  • expose missing methods to REST (#725)
  • fix rebase leftovers
  • fix acronym uppercase
  • revert 3114f92 in order to allow insecure connection on grpc server
  • bundle webconsole inside dist binaries
  • reword wire compatibility
  • inject immudb user authentication
  • move concrete class dblist to database package
  • cmd/immuclient: render raw values
  • cmd/immuclient: query result rendering
  • cmd/immudb: add debug info env var details
  • cmd/immudb/command: restore missing pgsql cmd flag
  • cmd/immudb/command: enabled pgsql server only in command package
  • cmd/immudb/command: remove parsing path option in unix
  • cmd/immudb/command: handle tls configuration errors
  • embedded/cache: thread-safe lru-cache
  • embedded/sql: set 'x' as blob prefix
  • embedded/sql: store non-null values and only col ids on encoded rows
  • embedded/sql: case insensitive functions
  • embedded/sql: validate table is empty before index creation
  • embedded/sql: case insensitive identifiers
  • embedded/sql: minor refactoring to expose functionality needed for row verification
  • embedded/sql: keep one snapshot open and close when releasing
  • embedded/sql: resolve query with current snapshot if readers are still open
  • embedded/sql: improved nullables
  • embedded/sql: skip tabs
  • embedded/sql: move sql engine under embedded package
  • embedded/sql: safer support for selected database
  • embedded/sql: expose functionality needed for row verification
  • embedded/store: pausable indexer
  • embedded/store: commitWith callback using KeyIndex interface
  • embedded/store: use specified sync mode also for the incremental hash tree
  • embedded/store: log during compaction
  • embedded/store: use indexer state to terminate indexing goroutine
  • embedded/store: index info to return latest indexed tx
  • embedded/tbree: postpone reader initialization until first read
  • embedded/tbtree: make snapshot thread-safe
  • embedded/tbtree: remove dots denoting progress when flushing is not needed
  • embedded/tbtree: index compaction if there is not opened snapshot, open snapshot if compaction is not in already in progress
  • embedded/watchers: cancellable wait
  • pkg/api: render varchar as quoted strings
  • pkg/api: render varchar as raw string value
  • pkg/api: include data needed for row verification
  • pkg/api: sql api spec
  • pkg/api: render varchar as quoted string
  • pkg/api/schema: Handle tools via modules (#726)
  • pkg/auth: add SQL-related permissions
  • pkg/auth: perm spec for row verification endpoint
  • pkg/client: use to fetch current database name
  • pkg/client: remove deprecated operations
  • pkg/client: improved sql API
  • pkg/client: auto convert numeric values to uint64
  • pkg/client/cache: release lock only if locked file is present, and wait for unlock when already present
  • pkg/client/clienttest: add VerifiedGetAt mock method
  • pkg/database: upgrade wait for indexing api
  • pkg/database: use MaxKeyScanLimit to limit query results
  • pkg/database: set implicit database using UseDatabase method
  • pkg/database: support for nullable values
  • pkg/database: add missing copy
  • pkg/database: make use of UseDatabase operation
  • pkg/database: improved parameters support
  • pkg/database: ensure rowReader get closed upon completion
  • pkg/database: typed-value proto conversion
  • pkg/database: row verification against kv-entries
  • pkg/database: return mapped row values
  • pkg/database: upgrade ExecAll to use KeyIndex interface
  • pkg/database: use store-level snapshots
  • pkg/database: close sql engine when db gets closed
  • pkg/database: support multi-selected columns
  • pkg/database: towards prepared sql query support
  • pkg/database: support index compaction with sql engine in place
  • pkg/embedded: introduce Snapshot at Store level
  • pkg/pgsql: handle parameter status and terminate messages
  • pkg/pgsql: bind immudb sql engine
  • pkg/pgsql: fix filename format
  • pkg/pgsql: add pgsql server wire protocol stub
  • pkg/pgsql: use options flag to determine if pgsql server need to be launched
  • pkg/pgsql: handle empty response and command complete message
  • pkg/pgsql/client: add jackc/pgx pgsql client for testing purpose
  • pkg/pgsql/server: move sysdb in session constructor
  • pkg/pgsql/server: handle version statement
  • pkg/pgsql/server: handle an ssl connection request if no certificate is present on server
  • pkg/pgsql/server: improve error handling when client message is not recognized
  • pkg/pgsql/server: minor fixes and leftovers
  • pkg/pgsql/server: enforce reserved statements checks
  • pkg/pgsql/server: fix connection upgrade pgsql protocol messages
  • pkg/pgsql/server: protect simple query flow with a mutex
  • pkg/pgsql/server: limit number of total connections and do not stop server in case of errors
  • pkg/pgsql/server: add missing copyright
  • pkg/pgsql/server: add debug logging messages, split session handling in multiple files
  • pkg/pgsql/server: default error in simplequery loop has error severity
  • pkg/pgsql/server: remove host parameter
  • pkg/server: fix db mock
  • pkg/server: remove unused options
  • pkg/server: inject sqlserver in main immudb server
  • pkg/server: load systemdb before any other db
  • pkg/server: use systemdb as a shared catalog store
  • pkg/server: renamed server reference
  • pkg/server: remove tls configuration in server
  • pkg/sql: using new KeyReaderSpec
  • pkg/sql: grammar adjustments to support aggregated columns
  • pkg/sql: swap LIMIT and ORDER BY parse ordering
  • pkg/sql: row reader to support GROUP BY behaviour
  • pkg/sql: make row values externally accessible
  • pkg/sql: support for SUM aggregations
  • pkg/sql: unify augmented and grouped row readers
  • pkg/sql: refactored AggregatedValue and TypedValue interfaces
  • pkg/sql: column descriptors in row readers
  • pkg/sql: improve error handling
  • pkg/sql: return ErrNoMoreRows when reading
  • pkg/sql: row reader used to close the snapshot once reading is completed
  • pkg/sql: remove alter column stmt
  • pkg/sql: many internal adjustments related to name binding
  • pkg/sql: upgrade to new store commit api
  • pkg/sql: joins limited to INNER type and equality comparison against ref table PK
  • pkg/sql: add comment about nested joins
  • pkg/sql: mapping using ids, ordering and renaming support
  • pkg/sql: composite readers
  • pkg/sql: wip multiple readers
  • pkg/sql: catch store indexing errors
  • pkg/sql: add generated sql parser
  • pkg/sql: alias overriding datasource name
  • pkg/sql: remove offset param
  • pkg/sql: value-less indexed entries
  • pkg/sql: encoded value with pk entry
  • pkg/sql: joint column with explicit table reference
  • pkg/sql: inmem catalog with table support
  • pkg/sql: inmem catalog
  • pkg/sql: catalog construct
  • pkg/sql: primary key supported type validation
  • pkg/sql: use standardized transaction closures
  • pkg/sql: support multiple spacing between statements
  • pkg/sql: case insensitive reserved words
  • pkg/sql: use token IDENTIFIER
  • pkg/sql: towards catalog encapsulation
  • pkg/sql: improved null value support
  • pkg/sql: order-preserving result set
  • pkg/sql: ensure use snapshot is on the range of committed txs
  • pkg/sql: col selector with resolved datasource
  • tools/stream: upgrade stream tools dependencies

Code Refactoring

  • pkg/server: tls configuration is moved in command package from server


  • enhance database size and number of entries metrics to support multiple databases add CORS middleware to metrics HTTP endpoints (#756)
  • display version at startup (#775)
  • cmd/immuclient: list and describe tables
  • cmd/immuclient: use 'tables' to display the list of tables within selected database
  • embedded/sql: special case when all selectors are aggregations and there is no matching rows
  • embedded/sql: use snapshot as state method
  • embedded/sql: 'NOT NULL' constraint
  • embedded/sql: arithmetic expressions within where clause
  • embedded/sql: INSERT INTO statement
  • embedded/sql: LIKE operator support
  • embedded/sql: enhanced sql parser to support multi-lined statements
  • embedded/store: uniqueness constraint and de-coupled indexer
  • embedded/store: operation
  • embedded/tools: initial SQL stress tool (#760)
  • pkg/api: sql endpoints for row verification
  • pkg/api: noWait mode for sql statements
  • pkg/client: row verification
  • pkg/client: towards client-side sql support
  • pkg/database: list and describe tables
  • pkg/database: towards sql support
  • pkg/database: row verification endpoint
  • pkg/database: towards integrated sql engine. handling database creation at server level
  • pkg/pgsql: add tls support
  • pkg/pgsql/server: handle nil values
  • pkg/pgsql/server: setup pgsqk error handling
  • pkg/pgsql/server: dblist is injected in pgsql server
  • pkg/server: row verification endpoint
  • pkg/server: initial integration of sql engine
  • pkg/server: expose endpoint
  • pkg/sql: column selector alias support
  • pkg/sql: aggregations without row grouping
  • pkg/sql: towards supporting COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX and AVG
  • pkg/sql: towards aggregated values support
  • pkg/sql: towards supporting filtered aggregations
  • pkg/sql: towards group by and aggregations support
  • pkg/sql: noWait for indexing mode
  • pkg/sql: improved nullable support
  • pkg/sql: towards GROUP BY support
  • pkg/sql: implements NOW() function
  • pkg/sql: list and describe tables
  • pkg/sql: LIMIT clause to determine max number of returned rows
  • pkg/sql: queries over older data
  • pkg/sql: parameters support
  • pkg/sql: initial parameters support
  • pkg/sql: towards parameter support
  • pkg/sql: support for SELECT * FROM queries
  • pkg/sql: row projection
  • pkg/sql: towards projected rows
  • pkg/sql: auto-commit multi-statement script
  • pkg/sql: subquery aliases
  • pkg/sql: support for WHERE clause
  • pkg/sql: towards row filtering with conditional readers
  • pkg/sql: support for boolean values
  • pkg/sql: index reloading
  • pkg/sql: catalog reloading
  • pkg/sql: ASC/DESC row sorting by any indexed column
  • pkg/sql: implements CREATE INDEX stmt
  • pkg/sql: support of foreign keys of any pk type
  • pkg/sql: multiple joins support
  • pkg/sql: col selector binding
  • pkg/sql: jointRowReader towards supporting joins
  • pkg/sql: seekable, ordered and filtered table scan
  • pkg/sql: ordering in descending mode
  • pkg/sql: towards ordering row scans
  • pkg/sql: towards query resolution with multiple datasources
  • pkg/sql: towards query processing
  • pkg/sql: upsert processing
  • pkg/sql: towards insert into statement processing
  • pkg/sql: table creation with primary key
  • pkg/sql: primary key spec
  • pkg/sql: initial work on sql engine
  • pkg/sql: multi-line scripts
  • pkg/sql: snapshot support
  • pkg/sql: support for comments
  • pkg/sql: support for EXISTS in subquery
  • pkg/sql: support for INNER, LEFT and RIGHT joins
  • pkg/sql: support for parameters
  • pkg/sql: support for system values e.g. TIME
  • pkg/sql: aggregated functions
  • pkg/sql: use colSelector instead of identifiers
  • pkg/sql: expressions parsing
  • pkg/sql: multi-db queries
  • pkg/sql: multi-row insertion
  • pkg/sql: initial support for SELECT statement
  • pkg/sql: transactional support
  • pkg/sql: support for insertions
  • pkg/sql: support table modifications
  • pkg/sql: support index creation
  • pkg/sql: include column specs
  • pkg/sql: partial grammar with multiple statements
  • pkg/sql: initial commit for sql support


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Immudb Binaries

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immudb-v1.0.0-darwin-amd64 a084022251cea58ac7c58b363944ece2aea632f2857357c407d4887f39329bee
immudb-v1.0.0-freebsd-amd64 5fcc0ed7a793560d3ef793b91cd1da214e3da13124ba273d78791b517a48a359
immudb-v1.0.0-linux-amd64 2e37ba099e3fe634d689d31636481293095d50cd0becbc0e99e7584415b3c194
immudb-v1.0.0-linux-amd64-static b1218e4d7801dbd0c5e3743542e2350120325a448dce3d6c269ead47c2324516
immudb-v1.0.0-linux-arm64 3624d6d64688938c7715ed15b489f7e53c58a07507c497d08e76f2161b69436d
immudb-v1.0.0-linux-s390x 59552119df1b6d923eef3b2c6fc754fa64ab507ab43b4127f8b1e0bf86e1223a
immudb-v1.0.0-windows-amd64.exe fd3764800cdd123e2eeeec62f21ba3705ac54eeccfc879e805e1901516c931cc

Immuclient Binaries

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immuclient-v1.0.0-darwin-amd64 60eecc02fb26fb4b4c774074501248445a3835277d8e9879528a860ab35984d1
immuclient-v1.0.0-freebsd-amd64 9c6363b6af402802b2083cc6685b905bc9c71aa3c05618bce4449bd0a1e79cf9
immuclient-v1.0.0-linux-amd64 1c7d6e5a8358abf2e53b939c7b7afb00097fd2cde43b36b8f9fcc2f55af508eb
immuclient-v1.0.0-linux-amd64-static 3a5b751f3cf2cf897ad43a95a4356b680523b6b20f57c3502572a787084805ba
immuclient-v1.0.0-linux-arm64 6871db65094a5e78ae4903404ca824cbc01e76da56ce59213749d82a774d8a5b
immuclient-v1.0.0-linux-s390x c46945b2530fd22336d0542d09238f87c5f6fdf7793b6940fac7c51bdcc76130
immuclient-v1.0.0-windows-amd64.exe fb15099ac338ea0955480be93c4839488aad785e33a31e20e845dd31d7825f4a

Immuadmin Binaries

File SHA256
immuadmin-v1.0.0-darwin-amd64 177d39002bbcdfb6e0e6907b32a3826c6fd0367d7a168d3a2d9705b340785f2f
immuadmin-v1.0.0-freebsd-amd64 5de6bded705bc3aa4b207e7f8f050b028e307abfca0fd73cbd4b65a512d245cb
immuadmin-v1.0.0-linux-amd64 5976c1beb28daf891276d7f7d0db5f9341454aa987bd63539250b4cd0c5a425c
immuadmin-v1.0.0-linux-amd64-static 9487ddbe2536955aa9db9e24ccd7060fb6d90fdc74f9c0b167f01c1071002cea
immuadmin-v1.0.0-linux-arm64 1f2bf256873ed881401910a80f33428cca608f66f00cd105aa5cf2d2dae17000
immuadmin-v1.0.0-linux-s390x 2eef568935b49e61b61a260fc73b854451690d8fad6b794f60fecc81c686fc92
immuadmin-v1.0.0-windows-amd64.exe 859c719780a674cf4d94955c66cee674bfe97265993aa4e75753a6f660e250d2