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Cloud workspaces for development teams. One-click Docker environments to create workspaces with production runtimes. Team onboarding and collaboration with workspace automation and permissions letting devs sync their desktop IDE or use our gorgeous Eclipse Che IDE. Workspace platform for DevOps to manage workspaces at scale with programmable and customizable infrastructure.

Eclipse Che

Getting Started

You can run Codenvy in the public cloud, a private cloud, or install it on any OS that has Docker 1.11+ installed. Codenvy has been tested on many flavors of Linux, MacOS, and Windows. A private Codenvy install allows you to configure LDAP, permissions, Eclipse Che extensions, Jira integration, Jenkins integration and integration to your private toolchain.

The docs are awesome.

Or, quick start:

docker run codenvy/cli start

Then open http://localhost and log in as admin / password.

The codenvy repository is where we do development. Your license grants you access to the source code for customization, but you are not able to redistribute the source code or use it in commercial endeavors.


Codenvy is free for 3 users. For additional users or support, please purchase a Codenvy enterprise license.


There are many ways to customize Codenvy. Codenvy is customized using Eclipse Che including stacks, templates, commands, IDE extensions, server-side extensions plugins, assemblies, RESTful APIs, and editors.


git clone

If master is unstable, checkout the latest tagged version.

Build and Run

cd codenvy
mvn clean install

# A new assembly is placed in:
cd onpremises-ide-packaging-tomcat-codenvy-allinone\target\

# Assembly:

# Run Codenvy with a custom assembly - volume mount this codenvy repository
docker run -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v <path-to-repo>:/repo codenvy/cli start


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