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This repository houses documentation for Codenvy (repo / site). Content is held in markdown files in the /src/main/_docs directory. Images should be placed in /src/main/_docs/assets/imgs.

Docs are built using Jekyll and the output is static HTML that is hosted at and in the product at {codenvy-domain}/docs.

Linking to Docs and Images

Because the docs are generated into static HTML linking to docs and images is a bit unusual:

  • Link to a Codenvy docs page: [Codenvy Factories]({{base}}/docs/integration-guide/workspace-automation/index.html)
    • {{base}}/docs is always required
    • /integration-guide is the directory where the .md file is in the repo
    • /workspace-automation is the name of the .md file without the .md extension
    • /index.html is always required at the end
  • Link to a section in a docs page: [Codenvy Factories]({{base}}/docs/integration-guide/workspace-automation/index.html#try-a-factory)
    • #try-a-factory is the section heading name with spaces replaced by dashes
  • Link to an image: ![mypic.png]({{base}}/docs/assets/imgs/mypic.png)

Editing Docs


Get a workpsace on which include all dependencies to edit and preview your changes by clicking on the image above.

Building Docs

Docs are built using a Docker image with Jekyll inside it. You will need Docker running on your machine to build the Codenvy docs.

You can use factory to easily compile and view documentation. Just click here.

You can also use the following locally. Navigate to the repo on your filesystem and type:

./ --run

The Jekyll server will scan for changes to the .md files every 2 seconds and auto-update the generated HTML.

Getting Help

If you have questions or problems, please create an issue in this repo.

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