Automatically add entries from the FCC robocall blacklist to FreeSWITCH
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freeswitch-fcc-blacklist: automatically add entries from the FCC robocall blacklist to FreeSWITCH

mod_blacklist sets up a database of blacklisted numbers for FreeSWITCH systems. Using dialplan logic, blacklisted numbers can be sent to alternative destinations outside of your standard call flow. Maintaining a large, up-to-date system blacklist can significantly reduce the number of spam and other unwanted calls that reach your system.

The Federal Communications Commission publishes data on consumer complaints each week. Ward Mundy has written a script to convert this FCC consumer complaint data to a blacklist for the Asterisk PBX.

I have adapted Ward's script for the FreeSWITCH blacklist module. My adaptation is compatible with both standard installs of FreeSWITCH and those that use the Fusion PBX GUI. It is compatible with both standard and Debian configuration directory structures. After initial configuration, the script runs non-interactively; you may want to set up a Cron or Systemd job to automate blacklist updates.


Install mod_blacklist

You will first need to install mod_blacklist on your system. If you've installed FreeSWITCH from source, run make then make install from mod/app/blacklist in your source directory. If you've installed FreeSWITCH from Debian packages, run apt install freeswitch-mod-blacklist as root. If not already present, add the following line to /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml (standard installs) or /etc/freeswitch/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml (Debian systems) somewhere between the <modules> and </modules> tags:

<load module="mod_blacklist"/>

Obtain the Script

Clone this script's git repository with the following commands:

cd /usr/src
git clone

Choose a branch

This script was originally designed for FreeSWITCH on Gnu/Linux. However, Tony Hain has sent me a version of the script for FreeBSD. If you are running FreeSWITCH on FreeBSD or another system that does not have Bash, you may wish to try his version. To switch to his version, run:

cd /usr/src/freeswitch-fcc-blacklist
git checkout freebsd

To switch back to my Gnu/Linux version, run:

cd /usr/src/freeswitch-fcc-blacklist
git checkout master

Generate Configuration

When the script is run for the first time, it will attempt to detect your system's configuration and walk you through the modification of some configuration files. Run the script with the following commands:

cd /usr/src/freeswitch-fcc-blacklist
chmod +x import-fcc-blacklist

Add Dialplan Logic

Add an extension to your FreeSWITCH dialplan to handle blacklisted numbers. It should be added before your standard call flow. If you are using Fusion PBX, add an inbound route with your DID as the destination, your alternative destination for blacklisted callers as the action and an order before your standard inbound route. Click save and reopen your inbound route. Add a new line, with tag condition, data ^true$, order 1 and the following type:

${blacklist(check FCC ${regex(${caller_id_number}|^\+([0-9]+)$|%1)})}

If you configure freeSWITCH by hand, create a new extension in your dialplan before your call flow, with the following line:

<condition field="${blacklist(check FCC ${regex(${caller_id_number}|^\+([0-9]+)$|%1)})}" expression="^true$" >

Optional: Automate Blacklist Updates

You may wish to create a Cron or Systemd job to automate blacklist updates. To add a cron job to update weekly, run the following command:

echo "$(($RANDOM%60)) $(($RANDOM%24)) * * $(($RANDOM%2 +6 )) root /usr/src/freeswitch-fcc-blacklist/import-fcc-blacklist > /dev/null" >> /etc/crontab