PEG parser for JUNOS configuration.
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Junoser is a JUNOS configuration PEG parser which can be automatically generated from Juniper's netconf.xsd. (XML Schema Definition for NETCONF)


  • Configuration Validation

    • Structured "show configuration" format
    • One-liner "| display set" format
  • Configuration Translation

    • Inter-translation between structured form and display-set form


Inter-translation from display-set form into structured form is experimental feature in this release.

Getting Started

$ gem install junoser


To verify configurations syntax:

$ junoser -c config.txt


$ cat config.txt | junoser -c

To translate configuration into "display set" form:

$ /exe/junoser -d config.txt
set protocols bgp group ebgp-peers neighbor


$ cat config.txt | junoser -d
set protocols bgp group ebgp-peers neighbor

Use junoser -s to translate into structured form.


Please report issues or enhancement requests to GitHub issues. For questions or feedbacks write to my twitter @codeout.

Or send a pull request to fix.

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2018 Shintaro Kojima. Code released under the MIT license.