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// Settings
pluginBuildFileName := "plugins.sbt"
pluginFolderNames := List("plugins-public", "plugins-private")
pluginTargetFolderNames := List("plugins", s"target/scala-${scalaVersion.value.split('.').dropRight(1).mkString(".")}/plugins")
apiProjectPath := "api"
guiProjectPath := "gui"
// Plugin framework setting keys
lazy val pluginBuildFileName = settingKey[String]("The filename of the plugin build file. Remember to gitignore it!")
lazy val pluginFolderNames = settingKey[List[String]]("The folder names of all plugin source directories. Remember to gitignore it!")
lazy val pluginTargetFolderNames = settingKey[List[String]]("The folder names of compiled and packaged plugins. Remember to gitignore these!")
lazy val apiProjectPath = settingKey[String]("The path to the api sub project. Remember to gitignore it!")
lazy val guiProjectPath = settingKey[String]("The path of the Angular gui. Remember to gitignore it!")
// Plugin framework task keys
lazy val create = TaskKey[Unit]("create", "Creates a new plugin. Interactive command using the console.")
lazy val fetch = TaskKey[Unit]("fetch", "Searches for plugins in plugin directories, builds the plugin build file.")
lazy val copy = TaskKey[Unit]("copy", "Copies all packaged plugin jars to the target plugin folder.")
lazy val deploy = TaskKey[Unit]("deploy", "Prepares the environment for deployment, fills deploy folder.")
lazy val deployDev = TaskKey[Unit]("deployDev", "Prepares the environment for plugin developers, fills deployDev folder.")
lazy val gui = TaskKey[Unit]("gui", "Installs GUI dependencies and builds it using npm.")
// Tasks
import{PluginCreateWizard, PluginUtility}
create := new PluginCreateWizard(streams.value.log).createPluginTask(pluginFolderNames.value, PluginCreateWizard.getApiVersion.value)
fetch := new PluginUtility(streams.value.log).fetchPluginsTask(pluginFolderNames.value, pluginBuildFileName.value,
pluginTargetFolderNames.value, apiProjectPath.value)
copy := new PluginUtility(streams.value.log).copyPluginsTask(pluginFolderNames.value, pluginTargetFolderNames.value, scalaMajorVersion.value)
deploy := DeploymentUtility.prepareDeploymentTask(streams.value.log, scalaMajorVersion.value)
deployDev := DeploymentUtility.prepareDevDeploymentTask(streams.value.log, scalaMajorVersion.value, apiProjectPath.value)
gui := new GUIUtility(streams.value.log).guiTask(guiProjectPath.value, streams.value.cacheDirectory / "gui")
// Enhance existing functionality
Compile / packageBin := {
new GUIUtility(streams.value.log).packageGUITask(guiProjectPath.value, crossTarget.value)
(Compile / packageBin).value
Compile / unmanagedJars := new GUIUtility(streams.value.log).getGUIJarClasspath(guiProjectPath.value, crossTarget.value)
cleanFiles += baseDirectory.value / guiProjectPath.value / "dist" // Clears the built GUI dir on clean
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