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Android Bootcamp Cliffnotes

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Cliffnotes are references giving you the "most important" Android topics with brief explanations and relevant code snippets. The idea here is to distill the concepts down to shorter cliffnotes so you don't have to "read the book".

Week 1 - Fundamentals and Views

Week 2 - Interaction and Navigation

Week 3 - Networking and Persistence

Week 4 - Advanced Views and Fragments

Week 5 - Hardware and SDK Components

Week 6 - Drawables and Styles

Week 7 - Animations and Gestures

Week 8 - Next Steps


If there's anything else, feel free to suggest new cliffnotes and/or help contribute to them!

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Interested in ramping up on Android quickly?

(US Only) If you are an existing engineer with 2+ years of professional experience in software development and are serious about ramping up on Android quickly, be sure to apply for our free evening 8-week Android bootcamp.

We've trained over a thousand engineers from top companies including Apple, Twitter, Airbnb, Uber, and many others leveraging this program. The course is taught by Android experts from the industry and is specifically designed for existing engineers.

Not in the United States? Please fill out our application of interest form and we’ll notify you as classes become available in your area powered by local organizers.

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