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exercise in rebuilding existing websites
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From The Odin Project's curriculum

What I learned:

  1. What is the difference between inline, inline-block, and block elements?
  2. Can you apply margin-top, margin-bottom to inline elements? Does it affect the parent container's height?
  3. Can you apply padding-top, padding-bottom to inline elements? Does it afect the parent container's height?
  4. What is one way to position/move block-level elements horizontally? What is float?
  5. What type of element is ? How to align horizontally?
  6. How to vertically align inline elements such as ? How to vertically align multiple inline elements next to each other? (without using flex!)
  7. What kind of selector is this -> input[type="submit"] ?
  8. How to make sure navigation bar sticks to the bottom of the page?
  9. How is the middle value of vertical alignment calculated? How about baseline?
  10. How to contribute to an open source project?

Awesome resources:

  4. -> this article helped me vertical align my profile icons with the rest of the
  5. elements without having to use flexbox. It hlped me understand how the value middle is calculated relative to baseline, and how an element's default value is baseline. Since I did not set a vertical alignment value for profile icon, it had pushed the baseline far past the default center, which meant that the middle line was also pushed down!
  6. -> Learned how to use fork, clone, and upstream to submit a pull request!


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