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Letters to SVG: Vector Lettering & Manipulation by Hali Bakarr

2017.08.31 talk featuring Hali Bakarr on vector lettering and manipulation

Original Slides

You can find the original slides here!


  • SVGs are Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Vector Lettering
    • Sketches no matter the complexity can be "vectorized"
    • Scan in sketches and master the Pen Tool!
  • Be Manipulative
    • You can mess with SVGs with code
    • Attributes such as stroke-width & fill of an SVG can be directly manipulated with HTML and CSS
  • Make 'Em Move
    • SVGs can be animated using CSS and/or JavaScript
    • Use the following attributes to allow animations to occur
    • stroke-dasharray: 2000;
    • stroke-dashoffset: 2000;
    • Use the animation to reset the stroke-dashoffset to 0 in order for it to animate it


  1. Animate CodePen
  2. Laced NYC CodePen
  3. Walking Dead CodePen
  4. Insecure CodePen
  • CSS Keyframes
  • SMIL
  • Greensock DrawSVG Plugin
  • Segment by Tympanus
  • Vivus by maxwellito (GitHub)
  • AnimateSVGText (Outline Text) on Github


  • Jessica Hische
  • Dan Cassaro
  • Dana Tanamachi

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