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Scripts that can be used for almost complete backup and restore of Github repository using Github API (v3) and git command. Also repositories that belong to organization can be backuped/restored. In any case full privileges to repository are needed.

What is backuped:
	- main repository
	- wiki repository
	- deploy keys
	- collaborators
	- teams
	- forks
	- hooks
	- labels
	- milestones
	- issues, comments & events
	- downloads

What can't be restored (mostly because of API limitations):
	- owner
	- information about forks
	- teams privileges
	- pull requests
	- watchers
	- repository/issue events  
	- original elements id (not important)
	- original elements creators
	- original creation/update times of most elements
	- downloads counts

Although above elements can't be restored, all informations are in backup tarball in _textdump folder.

I tested these scripts on some my repos and everything worked well, but be warned - they may contain errors.

# Requirements #
	- Linux / BSD (not tested on Windows system)
	- Python 2.6 or 2.7 (not tested on any other version) 
	- git, curl, tar, gzip commands
	- optionally 7z command

# First use #
	Before first use rename config files (cut .sample from filename) and fill them with proper values.

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