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100644 10 lines (9 sloc) 79 Bytes
8ee829e @andi + .DS_Store to .gitignore
andi authored
1 .DS_Store
26c1213 @andi updated gemspec info in Rakefile
andi authored
2 rdoc
ac8aa36 @andi + ignore coverage files
andi authored
3 pkg
0a7e3b5 @mjtko exclude Gemfile.lock from built gem; ignore Gemfile.lock in .gitignore
mjtko authored
4 coverage
5 Gemfile.lock
b20266c @mjtko ignore .rvmrc
mjtko authored
6 .rvmrc
6ce6515 @simonc Adding integration tests
simonc authored
7 capybara-*
8 gemfiles/*.lock
9 log
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