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simple-navigation is a ruby gem for creating navigations (with multiple levels) for your Rails2, Rails3, Rails4, Sinatra or Padrino applications. You can render your navigation as html list, link list or breadcrumbs.

To see the gem/plugin in action please visit the online demo.

Update: Version 3.12.0 has been released. This release introduces the option consider_item_names_as_safe. All item names will be considered unsafe by default as of version 3.13. So if you have html in your item names, please add this option and set it to true.

Table of contents

Ruby 2.0 Compliance

The simple-navigation gem is ruby 2.0 compliant.


We would like to thank the whole community for the feedback and inspiration. Special thanks goes to Simon Courtois, Markus Schirp, Jack Dempsey, Richard Hulse, Gernot Kogler and Florian Hanke for providing patches, enhancements, ideas and support.

Please also check out the complete list of contributors.

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