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ComputeCpp SDK Readme

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This is the README for the ComputeCpp SDK, a collection of sample code, utilities and tools for Codeplay’s ComputeCpp, an implementation of the SYCL programming standard. You can find more information at:


  • CMakeLists.txt
    • The entry point for this project’s CMake configuration. Adds samples/ subdirectory and optionally adds tests.
  • LICENSE.txt
    • The license this package is available under: Apache 2.0
    • This readme file
  • cmake/
    • Contains a CMake module for integrating ComputeCpp with existing projects. See later in this document for a description of the CMake module provided. There are also toolchains for generic GCC-like setups as well as the poky toolchain.
  • include/
    • add this directory to your include search path to be able to use SDK code in your own projects (for example, the virtual pointer utility).
  • samples/
    • A collection of sample SYCL code, tested on ComputeCpp, provided as a learning resource and starting point for new SYCL software. The samples are built with CMake.
  • demos/
    • A collection of graphical applications that use SYCL to accelerate calculations.
  • tests/
    • Tests for the utilities in the SDK.
  • tools/
    • Useful tools for working with SYCL code and ComputeCpp. Includes a simple driver script for compiling SYCL code with ComputeCpp, an example Makefile and other utilities.
  • util/
    • Example utility code that we expect will be useful for other projects as a starting point.

Supported Platforms

The master branch of computecpp-sdk is regularly tested with the "Supported" hardware listed on the ComputeCpp Supported Platforms page.


  • The samples should work with any SYCL 1.2.1 implementation, though have only been tested with ComputeCpp.
  • OpenCL 1.2-capable hardware and drivers with SPIR 1.2/SPIR-V support
  • C++11-compliant compiler and libstdc++ on GNU/Linux (GCC 4.9+, Clang 3.6+)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017 on Windows
  • CMake 3.4.3 and newer

Getting Started

On the Codeplay website there is a step-by-step guide to building and running the ComputeCpp SDK samples. There is also a guide to SYCL that serves as an introduction to SYCL development. Additionally, there is an Integration guide should you wish to add ComputeCpp to existing projects.


CMake files are provided as a build system for this software. CMake version 3.4.3 is required at minimum, though later versions of CMake should continue to be compatible.

At minimum, one CMake variable is required to get the sample code building - ComputeCpp_DIR. This variable should point to the root directory of the ComputeCpp install (i.e. the directory with the the folders bin, include, lib and so on). You can also specify COMPUTECPP_SDK_BUILD_TESTS to add the tests/ subdirectory to the build, which will build Gtest-based programs testing the legacy pointer and virtual pointer classes. Some samples have optional OpenMP support. You can enable it by setting COMPUTECPP_SDK_USE_OPENMP to ON in CMake.

You can additionally specify CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE and CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to choose a Debug or Release build and the location you’d like to be used when the "install" target is built. The install target currently will copy all the sample binaries to the directory of your choosing.

Lastly, the SDK will build targeting spir64 IR by default. This will work on most devices, but won’t work on NVIDIA (for example). To that end, you can specify -DCOMPUTECPP_BITCODE=target, which can be any of spir[64], spirv[64] or ptx64. It is possible to specify multiple targets to COMPUTECPP_BITCODE, as a CMake list. Note that only the Professional Edition of ComputeCpp supports building multiple device targets.

If you would like to crosscompile the SDK targeting some other platform, there are toolchain files available in the cmake/toolchains directory. They require certain variables pointing to the root of the toolchain you are using to be set in the environment. They cannot be specificed in the CMake cache. The toolchains will identify which variables have not been set when used.


The sample code should compile without error on our supported platforms. If you run into trouble, or think you have found a bug, we have a support forum available through the ComputeCpp website.


This SDK is maintained by Codeplay Software Ltd. If you have any problems, please contact


This repository contains code written by Sean Barrett (stb_image code in the Gaussian blur sample) and Charles Salvia (the stack allocator used in the smart pointer sample). Please see the files for their respective licences.


This SDK is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Patches are very welcome! If you have an idea for a new sample, different build system integration or even a fix for something that is broken, please get in contact.