tiny unit testing framework for ANSI C
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Minctest is a very minimal unit-testing "framework" written in ANSI C and implemented in a single header file. It's handy when you want some real simple unit tests for a small project.

Basically, it implements assertion and equal functions. It'll track and time how many tests pass and fail. Failed tests will also display which line the failing test code was on.

There is a Node.js port here and a Lua port here.


  • ANSI C with no dependencies.
  • Single header file.
  • Reports file and line number for failed assertions.
  • Reports run time for each test.
  • Tests continue even after an assertion fails.
  • Has assertion for checking float equality.
  • Released under the zlib license - free for nearly any use.


#include "minctest.h"

void test1() {
    lok('a' == 'a');

void test2() {
    lequal(5, 5);
    lfequal(5.5, 5.5);
    lsequal("abc", "abc");

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    lrun("test1", test1);
    lrun("test2", test2);
    return lfails != 0;

That produces the following output:

        test1         pass: 1   fail: 0      0ms
        test2         pass: 3   fail: 0      1ms


 All functions/variables start with the letter 'l'.


Minctest is used in almost all of my C projects, including:

You can check those out to see how Minctest is used in practice.

If you're using Minctest in your project, let me know. I could add a link back.