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GeoMaker0 by Christian Heilmann (api converters)
Version: 1.0
Copyright (c) 2009, Christian Heilmann
Code licensed under the BSD License:
function lol($chunks){
return "HAS A LOL-CATION: \n\t\tCAN HAS WOEID: $chunks[0] \n\t\tHAS A NAME: $chunks[1] \n\t\tHAS A DISCRIPSHUN: $chunks[2] \n\t\tI'M IN YOUR LATITUDE: $chunks[3] \n\t\tI'M IN YOUR LOLITUDE: $chunks[4] \nHAS A READY.";
function trek($chunks){
return "Set course: \n\t\tLogical: $chunks[0] \n\t\tOn viewscreen: $chunks[1] \n\t\tCaptain's log: $chunks[2] \n\t\tAlien babes to kiss at: $chunks[3], $chunks[4] \nMake it so.";
function csv($chunks){
return $chunks[0].',"'.$chunks[1].'","'.$chunks[2].'",'.$chunks[3].','.$chunks[4];
function kml($chunks){
return '<Placemark>'.
function json($chunks){
return '{"lat":"'.$chunks[3].'","lon":"'.$chunks[4].'","title":"'.$chunks[1].'","match":"'.$chunks[2].'"}';
function geomf($chunks){
return "\n\n<-- match:".$chunks[2]." -->\n".
"<span class=\"vcard\">\n<span class=\"adr\">\n".
"<span class=\"locality\">$chunks[1]</span>\n".
"</span>\n(<span class=\"geo\">\n".
"<span class=\"latitude\">$chunks[3]</span>,\n".
"<span class=\"longitude\">$chunks[4]</span>".
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