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GeoMaker by Christian Heilmann (licensing info)
Version: 1.0
Copyright (c) 2009, Christian Heilmann
Code licensed under the BSD License:
<h3>Licensing of GeoMaker</h3>
<p>GeoMaker is Open Source and <a href="">available on GitHub</a>. The license is BSD:</p>
<textarea><?php include('license.txt');?></textarea>
<h3>Licensing of generated code</h3>
<p>However, this does <strong>not</strong> apply to the use of the maps you generate with GeoMaker - they are defined in the <a href="">Yahoo Maps Terms of Service</a>.</p>
<p>We would also <strong>strongly recommend</strong> to <a href="">get your own development key for Yahoo Maps</a> and <strong>replace the one in the generated code with yours</strong>.</p>
<p>If you download and install GeoMaker you also need to check the <a href="">Placemaker Terms and Conditions</a>.</p>
<?php // hey I re-used it, that means include, right? ?>