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== Yahoo! Firehose research interface ==
Yahoo! provides an aggregated, real-time feed of updates of all the social
activity on the Yahoo! network and from lots of third party social networks
(before you wonder, Facebook is not in there for now).
The feed is available via YQL as the table and you
can use the console to use it. However that is not easy for people who
are not used to reading XML, JSON or write SQL. This is where this interface
comes in.
== Get your oAuth keys to make this work! ==
Simply put it on your server, get a consumer key and secret from and edit the keys.php file copying your key in.
When an end user access the search interface they'll be asked to give it
access to their Yahoo account and off they go.
The interface uses the YOS PHP SDK for oAuth authentication and needs a server
that has PHP5 and cURL running.
== Changing the interface / files ==
The interface consists of the following files:
index.php - the main index HTML file with the inline JavaScript to
provide the design of the social sources and retain the
last search state.
when the user comes back.
keys.php - the file containing the consumer key and secret for
filter.php - filtering out incoming data and setting some of the
used variables.
firehosesearch.css - All the CSS styles. There are no graphics involved in the
interface as it is.
lookup.php - The module that accesses YQL to get the information and
renders out the list of results or error messages.
options.php - Renders the option list of which social networks to
search in.
renderers.php - The main render() function that shows the HTML of all the
different social updates. It is actually one massive
switch statement. If you need to add special renderings
for different social sources (I'm thinking of embedding
video) then here's where to do so.
sources.php - The social update sources. This is a static JSON object
as originally I wanted to add a autocomplete for sources.
You can also uncomment the YQL call in case there is an
update to the sources in the future to re-generate the