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INJECTED_GAIA = "$(MOZ_OBJDIR)/_tests/testing/mochitest/browser/gaia"
test -L $(INJECTED_GAIA) || ln -s $(GAIA) $(INJECTED_GAIA)
TEST_PATH=$(TEST_PATH) make -C $(MOZ_OBJDIR) mochitest-browser-chrome EXTRA_TEST_ARGS=--browser-arg=""
# The targets below all require adb
# It should be in your path somewhere, or you can edit this line
# to specify its location.
# If your gaia/ directory is a sub-directory of the B2G directory, then
# you should use the install-gaia target of the B2G Makefile. But if you're
# working on just gaia itself, and you already have B2G firmware on your
# phone, and you have adb in your path, then you can use this target to
# update the gaia files and reboot b2g
PROFILE := $$($(ADB) shell ls -d /data/b2g/mozilla/*.default | tr -d '\r')
PROFILE_DATA := profile
.PHONY: install-gaia
$(ADB) start-server
$(ADB) shell rm -r /data/local/*
@for i in $$(ls); do $(ADB) push $$i /data/local/$$i; done
@echo 'Rebooting b2g now'
$(ADB) shell killall b2g
# Erase all the indexedDB databases on the phone, so apps have to rebuild them.
.PHONY: delete-databases
$(ADB) shell rm -r /data/b2g/mozilla/*.default/indexedDB/*
# Take a screenshot of the device and put it in screenshot.png
.PHONY: screenshot
mkdir screenshotdata
$(ADB) pull /dev/graphics/fb0 screenshotdata/fb0
dd bs=1920 count=800 if=screenshotdata/fb0 of=screenshotdata/fb0b
ffmpeg -vframes 1 -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb32 -s 480x800 -i screenshotdata/fb0b -f image2 -vcodec png screenshot.png
rm -rf screenshotdata
# Port forwarding to use the RIL daemon from the device
.PHONY: forward
$(ADB) shell touch /data/local/rilproxyd
$(ADB) shell killall rilproxy
$(ADB) forward tcp:6200 localreserved:rilproxyd