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C64 Logo generator

Using fonts ripped from lots of Commodore 64 demos of old, you can now add some 8 bit fun and frolics to your products. Simply choose a font, type in your texts, change colours as needed and save a PNG of your logo in either real resolution or double size.

Under the hood, all we do is take letter images from a massive canvas (img/canvas.png) and stitch them together on a new canvas.

Font settings

You can see all the settings of the fonts in the fonts.js JSON set. If you know any credits we forgot, please add them. You are also very encouraged to fix positioning issues. Each font set contains:

  • product - the product the font was ripped from
  • year - the release year
  • productlink - the CSDB link to the product
  • format - the original C64 file format
  • maker - the handle of the original creator
  • makerlink - CSDB link of the creator
  • offset - amount of pixels from top the font starts
  • height - height of the font
  • a-z (and special characters): array with start pixel coordinate and width of each character


  • Idea and code by Chris 'Cupid' Heilmann - ported from the original tool written in PHP using gd
  • Charset ripping and credit research by Dejan 'Nucleus' Petronijevic, Daniel Kottmair and Chris Heilmann
  • Charset cleanup and transparency adding by Daniel 'Deekay' Kottmair

How to rip your own fonts:

  1. find a demo with a nice font
  2. while running a demo in the vice emulator, enter a monitor (alt+m) 3 search for a pattern of a scrolltext in that demo (part) using h 0800 d000 03 0f 04 05 (hexadecimal example for "code")
  3. find a memory block where scrolltext is located
  4. fill it with f 4000 4200 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0a 0b --- untill 3f (abcdefgh...)
  5. exit the monitor with x
  6. take screenshots with alt+c (save media file)
  7. snap the alphabet (and extra characters/numbers) in your favorite picture editing program
  8. send it to us