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@@ -49,6 +49,6 @@ You can control the display of lists by adding various classes to the UL element
* Adding a class of "middle", "left" or "right" to any IMG element positions it on the screen.
* Slides with a class of "cower" will show the image as a background with the headings becoming white with a half-opaque black background. You can add a "w" or "h" class to the slide to fit the background image to the width or the height respectively.
* Adding a FIGURE element around the image allows you to add extra features by adding one or more of the following classes to the FIGURE:
-- Adding a "shadow" class gives it a drop shadow.
+- Adding a "shadow" class gives it a drop shadow
- Adding a "frame" class makes the image look like it is hanging from a nail
- Adding a "swing" class adds an animation to dangle it from the nail.

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