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Work From Cafe

A reference for people working remotely who don’t want to sit at home.
A list of places friendly to social oriented geeks. And it's on GitHub. Love it already?


###How to contribute? Got a favourite cafe and wanna add it to the list?

This is done by geeks and for geeks so you need to use Github.

Eight easy steps using just GitHub web interface:

  1. Open project's webpage on Github.
  2. Navigate to file and open it.
  3. Click Fork and edit this file button.
  4. Add a new cafe following markdown formatting you see in a file.
  5. Don't forget a proper commit msg at the bottom.
  6. You will see GitHub Pull request page.
  7. Fill it, press Send pull request.
  8. Since you're also the author now, you're totally welcome to add yourself to humans.txt :) (

###Created by Kasia Drzyzga {github, twitter, blog}
Przemek Owczarek {github, twitter}