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Bring robust WYSIWYG editing to your ClassicPress text editor! The most popular text editor for ClassicPress!
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This is beta software. I was on autopilot after an all-nighter when I versioned it 1.0.0; it should have been 0.1.0. So, we're just gonna go from here. Please test and submit any issues.

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor for ClassicPress 1.x.x

The WYSIWYG Advanced plugin adds lots of additional options to the ClassicPress visual editor. This plugin is a fork of TinyMCE Advanced v4.8 for WordPress and contains no Gutenberg code.


If you already have TinyMCE Advanced installed, you will need to deactivate and delete it before installing WYSIWYG Advanced. If you want to preserve your current editor settings, you can export them to a text file before deleting the plugin. You can then import those settings back into WYSIWYG Advanced after you get it installed.


  1. Download the package to your local computer.
  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and upload the file you downloaded.
  3. Install, then activate.
  4. Settings are located under Dashboard > Tools > WYSIWYG


Compatible with ClassicPress 1.x.x. It should also continue to work on WordPress 4.9.x installations without any problem. PHP 7.3 ready.


If you find an error, please submit an issue. If you can fix it, please submit a pull request.

Contributions are accepted, and critical bugs and security issues will be addressed if they arise. However, please note that this plugin is generally considered feature complete and significant further development is not planned at this time.



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