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Admin Columns - Column Template

Welcome to the Admin Columns column template repository. Here you will find a starter-kit for creating a new column for Admin Columns. This start-kit will work as a normal WP plugin.

For more information about creating a new field type, please read the following article:

This template is for Admin Columns ánd Admin Columns Pro.


  • /css: folder for .css files
  • /js: folder for .js files
  • /languages: folder for .pot, .po and .mo files
  • ac-PLUGIN_NAME.php: Main plugin file that registers the column
  • /classes: folder containing the separate logic classes
  • /classes/Column/Free/COLUMN_NAME.php: Column class with all column logic for the free version
  • /classes/Column/Pro/COLUMN_NAME.php: Column class with all column logic for the pro version
  • /classes/Editing/COLUMN_NAME.php: Editing Model with all editing related logic
  • /classes/Export/COLUMN_NAME.php: Simple Export Model loaded through the Pro column
  • /classes/Filtering/COLUMN_NAME.php: Example Filtering Model loaded through Pro column
  • /classes/SmartFiltering/COLUMN_NAME.php: Example Smart Filtering Comparison (Model) loaded through Pro column
  • /classes/Sorting/COLUMN_NAME.php: Simple Sorting Model loaded through Pro column
  • readme.txt: WordPress readme file to be used by the wordpress repository

step 1.

This template uses PLACEHOLDERS such as COLUMN_NAME throughout the file names and code. Use the following list of placeholders to do a 'find and replace':

  • PLUGIN_NAME: Single-word, no spaced. Underscores allowed. Used for the text-domain and plugin description.
  • CUSTOM_NAMESPACE: Single-word, no spaced. Underscores allowed. Used for the namespace declarations in the different class files.
  • COLUMN_NAME: Single-word, no spaces. Underscores allowed. eg. donate_button
  • COLUMN_LABEL: Multiple words, can include spaces, visible when selecting a column
  • PLUGIN_URL: Url to the github or WordPress repository
  • PLUGIN_TAGS: Comma separated list of relevant tags
  • DESCRIPTION: Brief description of the field type, no longer than 2 lines
  • EXTENDED_DESCRIPTION: Extended description of the field type
  • AUTHOR_NAME: Name of field type author
  • AUTHOR_URL: URL to author's website

step 2.

Edit the ac-PLUGIN_NAME.php file (now renamed using your plugin name) and change the column type if necessary.

step 3.

Edit the COLUMN_NAME.php files (now renamed using your column name) and include your custom code in the appropriate functions.

step 4.

Edit this file with the appropriate information and delete all content above and including the following line.

step 5 (optional).

The structure of this plugin is prepared so that it can contain multiple columns. If you want to create multiple custom columns in this plugin, you can create a copy of each of the files and use a different name for your files that represents the column classes.

Admin Columns COLUMN_LABEL Column





  1. Copy the ac-column-template folder into your wp-content/plugins folder
  2. Activate the COLUMN_LABEL plugin via the plugins admin page
  3. Create a new column via Admin Columns and select the COLUMN_LABEL column
  4. Please refer to the description for more info regarding the field type settings


Please see readme.txt for changelog