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#summary Basic Usage Instructions
= Configuration =
Program configuration uses a properly formatted XML file. See _ServerMonitor-config.xml_ included in the source archive for an example. Specify server name and domain, and the URLs and ports to test.
= Command Line =
Run _ruby server_monitor.rb --config path/to/configfile.xml --log path/to/logfile.xml --xsl path/or/url/for/log.xsl_
= Output =
Outputs or appends to logfile.xml. To view the xml file in a web browser, the xsl path must be valid, and within the same domain as the xml file (browser security requirement). If the xml file will be viewed from a http url, the path specified for the xsl file when running the program must refer to the same domain (whether internet or file://). Please note that subsequent runs will not modify the the xsl path in the xml logfile.
= Scripting =
You may specify the _--quiet_ commandline option to disable verbose output.