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sdk samples

This git repository contains following .NET sample source codes which demostrates how to use Codeproof Mobil Device Management(MDM) API.

  1. deviceInfo - This console based sample reads the device information from the cloud.

  2. commandCenter - This UI based sample demonstrates how to send various commands to device programmatically

  3. iosRestrictions - This console based sample shows to enable iOS restrictions such as blocking camera programmatically

  4. installApps - This console based sample shows how to install enterprise apps programmatically

  5. iosKiosk - This console based sample shows how to enable single app/kiosk mode programmatically

  6. iosKioskAppInstall - This console based sample shows how to install & update app during single app/kiosk mode programmatically

.NET Webservice WSDL:

API documentation:

PHP Sample

php client sample shows to how to send MDM commands programmatically

Android Sample

Android sample code shows how to access "App config data" in the device sent as part of app installation.