This is an Example of how you can create a Bot with which you can send a new Status to your Mastodon Account right from Discord
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Mastodon x Discord by @ryden#3621

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How to set it up:

  1. Install the requirements using npm i or install them manutally by using npm i discord.js && npm i mastodon-api
  2. Create a bot on Discord's Developer Portal
  3. Switch to your Mastodon Instance and generate a Application under the Development Tab in the Settings
  4. Name your Application, fill everything out and save your access_token, client_secret, and client_key somewhere
  5. Rename example-config.json to config.json and replace the values with your your Information

Example Config

    "prefix": "-",
    "dtoken": "AGIKNA56573thiS.isNOTE5MDcwNDc1.DpQR6w.Areal-TigCDZ_-sAsdTOKENKJJLWmDgUYCU",
    "mtoken": "ef311e3bb4c92928f0b6ac5d24c3161d1c6f399779d7ca069d354da6616ea6fe",
    "secret": "04f57a1d8c8a0bb8c1d7062743451e0575075880a2dc8437e6123564876c70ba",
    "key": "0432db146022e8e606a7917f80b77a0228671e7bdccc696969f69ed6c969a619",
    "apiURL": "",
    "ID": "318044130796109825"

None of those are real.

Contributing & Issues

Feel free to make a Pull request and fix some things, otherwise just open a Issue to let me know!


Please do not remove my Signature from the Code, other than that you can do with this whatever you want!~


Q: Will you make this work for twitter as well?
A: Due to Twitter's new API/Dev Stuff, no.

Q: Are CW's, Imageposting, NSFW-Marking going to happen?
A: Most likely, yes. Though I don't know when so please don't bug me about it.