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A Wordpress widget for displaying the current weather using the Yahoo API
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Show Weather Widget

Plugin Name: Show Weather
Plugin URI:
Description: A Wordpress widget for displaying the current weather Version: 1.0
Author: Karen Attfield
Author URI:
License: GPL V2 (or later)

To view a live demo visit:


![Show Weather Screenshot](Screenshot.PNG "Screenshot of the Show Weather widget")


To use the Show Weather Widget, download and unzip the plugin in your plugins directory in a folder named 'show-weather', then activate the plugin.


Once the widget is added to your plugin folder, you need to activate it from your Wordpress dashboard (click on Plugins, find Show Weather and click on activate). Under Appearance, Widgets within your Wordpress Dashboard, move the widget into the area you would like it displayed and fill in location (the location where you would like weather information from) and the title of the widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The location I typed in wasn't found - how can I find it?

Visit, search for your location and then copy name-ID format as shown at end of url. You can then paste this into the widgets 'location' field.

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