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aaVCR v1.0.0 readme.txt 14-08-03 - [TSQN]Kippercod

I hate writing readmes so this will be brief

run it, and hit h for help

if your aaVCR.ini is missing, make one that looks like this

---------------------cut ; aaVCR settings file

[aaVCR] name=kipperfile launchaa=FALSE startactive=TRUE --------------------cut

bug reports to

your loving fish


/* History


Air Attack - Multi recording program

based on Fighter Ace Film Bandit by VMF215 Daggr

Maf 05.08.2001 v0.0.1   Created
Maf 04.09.2001 v0.0.2   Stoped aaVCR overwriting old aaVCR files, thanks puppet for spotting that
						Added option to open film directory for easy renaming
						Added help
						Added info ( about )
						Added q to quit
						Added quick launch and play of movie files 0-9
Maf	04.09.2001 v0.0.3	Fixed bug in file skipping
						Added Bogeys GFX
Maf 05.08.2003 v1.0.0	Implamented Mouse
						Got rid of windows borders
						Made trayable
						Added FileInfo function on F
						Tidied code up
						Added Explore film function, Gives you info about a film