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Cloud Commander orthodox web file manager with console and editor.
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Cloud Commander orthodox web file manager with console and editor.

Cloud Commander


npm i cloudcmd -g


For starting just type in console:


How to use?

Open url http://localhost:8000 in browser.


Using as Middleware

Cloud Commander could be used as middleware for node.js applications based on and express:

var http        = require('http'),
    cloudcmd    = require('cloudcmd'),
    express     = require('express'),
    io          = require(''),
    app         = express(),

    PORT        = 1337,


server = http.createServer(app);
socket = io.listen(server);

    socket: socket,     /* used by Config, Edit (optional) and Console (required)   */
    config: {           /* config data (optional)                                   */
        prefix: '/cloudcmd', /* base URL or function which returns base URL (optional)   */




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