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Cloud Commander v1.1.1

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 18 Jul 10:08
· 4168 commits to master since this release


  • (gulp) replaceVersion: add callback
  • (minify) optimize isExist: fs.exists -> fs.lstat
  • (load) load funcError: could be no callback
  • (client) disable localStorage
  • (console) onMessage: change directory to "some-name*"
  • (minify) optimize isExist: error always null
  • (console) check prompt before create
  • (console) setSpawn sendError: send full error
  • (console) addListeners disconnect: check prompt state before abort


  • (gulp) readme -> docs
  • (gulp) add docs
  • (gulp) add release
  • (gulp) add package
  • (gulp) changelog: add version
  • (config) add onDiffChange
  • (config) unset diff on localStorage disabling
  • (cloudcmd) start: add ability to override default config
  • (package) express v4.6.1
  • (package) gulp-mocha v0.5.0
  • (package) gulp-jshint v1.7.1
  • (cloudcmd) add -v, --version
  • (cloudcmd) test -> --test
  • (cloudcmd) add exports.start
  • (bin) cloudcmd -> cloudcmd.js
  • (edit) ace v1.1.5