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cloudcmd v10.3.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 22 Jun 14:14
· 1144 commits to master since this release

Modules Format

In this release of Cloud Commander modules format was improved.
Every module in client/modules has next format:

module.exports.init = async () => {}; = () => {};
module.exports.hide = () => {};

The simplest module that uses default view and shows Hello World can look like this:

module.exports.init = async () => {
    await CloudCmd.View();
}; = () => {'Hello World!');

module.exports.hide = () => {

And in the future this format (or something similar) can lay down in format that can be used by independent developers to write extensions adding new features or automating regular tasks in Cloud Commander.

This format can (and will be) changed, it is not frozen. By if you will have some ideas about improving this format your welcome to share it :)


  • (operation) set next file current when cannot delete


  • (webpack) minimize service worker size
  • (terminal) move out terminal.css from view.css
  • (package) fast-async v7.0.6
  • (cloudcmd) import -> load.js
  • (load-module) add