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cloudcmd v10.5.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 23 Aug 19:45
· 1031 commits to master since this release


Being able to configure Cloud Commander remotely opens the doors to using it as microservice and that's what distribute options set out to do.
There is an export server and import client and they enabled with --export and --import accordingly. There is a token it should be the same
in --import-token and export-token. To use report you should provide --import-url to import client so it can connect to an export server.
There is 2 ways import client can receive config from an export server:

  • full config at startup (default)
  • get every updated option (with help of --import-listen flag)

There is an example of using distribute options in Cloud Commander to get config from remote instance.
Here is an export server:

coderaiser@cloudcmd:~$ cloudcmd --port 1234 --export --export-token=cloudcmd

And import client:

coderaiser@cloudcmd:~$ cloudcmd --name importer --port 4321 --import-url --import-token=cloudcmd --no-server --save

Here is the log of export server:

url: http://localhost:1234/
2018.08.23 13:41:45 -> export: try to auth from importer []
2018.08.23 13:41:45 -> export: connected to importer []
2018.08.23 13:41:45 -> export: disconnected importer []

And log of import client:

2018.08.23 13:47:36 -> import: try to auth to
2018.08.23 13:47:36 -> import: connected to
2018.08.23 13:47:36 -> import: config received from
2018.08.23 13:47:36 -> import: disconnected from

When import client uses --import-listen persistent connection used and client receives live updates from the import server.

Export server omit next configuration fields:

  • auth
  • username
  • password
  • algo
  • name
  • ip
  • port
  • root
  • import
  • importUrl
  • importToken
  • export
  • exportToken
  • log
  • configDialog


  • (edit-file) multiple f4
  • (config) init: load when configDialog disabled
  • (name-size-date) .name width
  • (listeners) isNoCurrent: can not go to root when root is empty
  • (client) parallel -> series: route


  • (distribute) add ability to import config from remote export server
  • (package) file-loader v2.0.0
  • (package) watch:lint:server
  • (package) add watch:test:server
  • (package) yaspeller v5.0.0
  • (package) style-loader v0.22.0
  • (package) serviceworker-webpack-plugin v1.0.1