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cloudcmd v11.8.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 09 Nov 18:36
· 856 commits to master since this release


Dropbox support integrated into Cloud Commander and you can switch from local file system to a dropbox account 🎉.
All you need to do is set --dropbox option and generate dropbox token for you account.

This can look like this:

cloudcmd --dropbox --dropbox-token your-dropbox-token

Using dropbox remember that there is no remote support of a console and terminal. Progress of file operation also not supported. There is only basic support, but you can do next things with files and directories:

  • create
  • remove
  • rename/move
  • view
  • edit

To implement this feature next modules had to be written:

and they can be reused for any interactions with files on dropbox :)

Besides this a couple system modules was written, which simplify development significantly:

  • serve-once - serve express middleware once;
    it is the simplest way to create new http server with your middleware, send request, receive response, and close connection:
const middleware = () => (req, res) => {

const {request} = require('serve-once')(middleware);

await request('get', '/');
// returns
  • try-to-tape - wrap tape async functions and show error on reject; if you had situation when your tape assertion crashes without warning while using async-await functions you can use this module to see what actually happened :).

That is all for today, if you find bugs create an issue or send pull request with fix 🙂.


  • (dialog) noFiles: reject on close


  • (package) add dropbox support
  • (server) add graceful shutdown
  • (package) sinon-called-with-diff v3.0.0