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@coderaiser coderaiser released this May 13, 2019 · 22 commits to master since this release

User Menu

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In Cloud Commander v12.2.0 was added new long awaiting feature User Menu.
You can enable it with help of a flag --user-menu (consider that file rename using F2 will be disabled, but you can use Shift + F6 or F2 - F2).

When you press F2 Cloud Commander will read a file by walking up parent directories, if can't read it will try to read ~/

Let's consider example user menu works file:

module.exports = {
    'F2 - Rename file': async ({DOM}) => {
        await DOM.renameCurrent();
    'D - Build Dev': async ({CloudCmd}) => {
            command: 'npm run build:client:dev',
            autoClose: false,
            closeMessage: 'Press any button to close Terminal',
    'P - Build Prod': async ({CloudCmd}) => {
            command: 'npm run build:client',
            autoClose: true,

You will have ability to run one of this 3 commands with help of double click, enter, or binded key (F2, D or P in this example). Also you can run commands in terminal, or execute any built-in function of Cloud Commander extended it's interface.

User Menu API

Here you can find API that can be used in User Menu. DOM and CloudCmd to main objects you receive in arguments list using destructuring.

DOM contains all base functions of Cloud Commander (rename, remove, download etc);

  • renameCurrent - shows renames current file dialog, and does renaming.

CloudCmd contains all modules (Terminal, View, Edit, Config, Console etc);

  • TerminalRun - module that shows Terminal with a command from options and closes terminal when everything is done.


  • feature(npmignore) add fixture.json
  • (operation) set-listeners: alert: noCancel -> cancel
  • (cloudcmd) different title


  • (key) add ability to rename file with Shift + F6
  • (user-menu) add (#221)
  • (package) clean-css-loader v2.0.0
  • (package) edward v11.0.0
  • (npmignore) add fixture.json
  • (package) dword v11.0.0
  • (package) smalltalk v3.4.0
  • (package) eslint v6.0.0-alpha
  • (package) eslint-plugin-node v9.0.1
  • (config) speed up load: series -> parallel
  • (cloudcmd) avoid service worker reoload scripts in dev mode
  • (package) putout v4.23.0
  • (package) nyc v14.0.0
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