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cloudcmd v13.0.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 14 Aug 12:49
· 850 commits to master since this release

User Menu only

In this big release was changed the way F2 key works. Now it calls User Menu, it is a big feature, which can be used to extend functionality of Cloud Commander in a simple way. There is a User Menu Cook Book, where you can find some useful scripts, and add yours. I'm waiting impatiently to see what features you will add to Cloud Commander 🙂.

If you get used to F2 for file rename, you can create an issue, and we will think how to help you, anyways now it's F2 - F2 or Shift + F6, not very different, and very convenient to most two panels file management users 🙂.

No Plugins

Plugins was deprecated and now removed, User Menu is much more powerful, please use it, send feedback, we will improve it to highest possible level 🙂 (anyways it's already works pretty good, I use it convert flac to mp3, for example)


  • (set-listeners) can not continue first error operation error
  • (view) getMediaElement: play video/audio


  • (cloudcmd) only user menu on f2
  • (cloudcmd) remove plugins
  • (package) putout v5.2.1
  • (package) style-loader v1.0.0