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cloudcmd v5.10.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 18 Nov 09:59
· 2116 commits to master since this release

Windows Application

Starting from this release with help of electron you can find in attachments Desktop version of Cloud Commander for Windows.

Desktop Cloud Commander

Environment Variables

Every program executed in console now has these environment variables:

  • ACTIVE_DIR - directory that contains cursor
  • PASSIVE_DIR - directory with no cursor
  • CURRENT_NAME - name of a file under cursor
  • CURRENT_PATH - path to file under cursor

On Unix you can use it this way:


Feel free to share ideas what else environment variables could be set for programs executed in console.


Using --packer, with help of onezip and salam, you can set zip as default packer/extractor of operations with archives and downloading folders via Drag-n-Drop or context menu. Also could be changed with help of config:




  • (menu) download: no files selected: title is undefined
  • (man) add deepword


  • (cloudcmd) add ability to set packer with: --packer: "tar" or "zip" (#87)
  • (package) nyc v9.0.1
  • (package) console-io v3.0.0
  • (dom) add setCurrentByName
  • (cloudcmd) add libDist: .js -> .min.js
  • (modules) add currify
  • (cloudcmd) es2015-ify