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@coderaiser coderaiser released this Feb 14, 2017 · 1435 commits to master since this release

Added build step for client side

Starting from this release Cloud Commander uses build step for the client side with help of webpack.

What does it mean is front-end can benefit from

  • using es2015
  • bundling dependencies
  • managing dependencies with help of require
  • minifying sources before publishing
  • increased load speed

Now client it will contain less code, it will be more flexible and work with it will be more convenient


  • (package) scripts: rm:legacy -> rm:client, rm:server
  • (cloudcmd) NODE_ENV: debug -> development
  • (webpack) turn of uglify when NODE_ENV=debug
  • (package) nyc v10.1.2
  • (package) scripts: 6to5:client: add --progress
  • (package) scripts: add heroku-postbuild
  • (package) watch:client:debug
  • (webpack) put commons to cloudcmd.js
  • (client) es2015-ify
  • (rest) rm rendy
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