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cloudcmd v7.0.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 12 Jul 10:44
· 1632 commits to master since this release



In Cloud Commander v7.0.0 flag --minify and config option minify was removed.
All minification is doing before publishing to npm so there is no need for additional flag.
Besides minified code you will receive sourcemaps when developer tools is open.
If you need more debug-friendly sourcemaps you can start Cloud Commander with NODE_ENV=development.

Node v4

According to information from issues created in 2016-2017 Cloud Commander users use latest available stable node.js versions.
Was decided to drop support of node.js versions before v4.0.0 to

  • minimize package size,
  • improve installation speed
  • simplify publishing step
  • update dependencies to latest versions.


  • (auth) add currify
  • (cloudcmd) require es2015 versions of packages
  • (package) opn v5.1.0
  • (package) http-auth v3.2.3
  • (package) package-json v4.0.1
  • (package) chalk v2.0.1
  • (cloudcmd) rm support of node.js < 4.0.0
  • (cloudcmd) rm config option: minify
  • (route) rm minify
  • (package) extract-text-webpack-plugin v3.0.0