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cloudcmd v7.1.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 27 Jul 08:24
· 1834 commits to master since this release


In Cloud Commander v7.1.0 was added new flag --name and CLOUDCMD_NAME environment variable which can be used to set the name of a tab in web browser.

Also tab name can be changed in Config dialog.


It can be useful when you use a couple instances of Cloud Commander and want to distinguish them by names in web browser tabs.


  • (route) showKeysPanel
  • (config) additional bar: .view: rm height: 100%
  • (view) key binding after click outside the modal window


  • (cloudcmd) --name: add ability to set tab name in web browser
  • (Dockerfile) decrease image size: clean npm cache after install
  • (gitignore) add yarn-error.log
  • (package) stylelint-config-standard v17.0.0
  • (package) stylelint v8.0.0