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cloudcmd v8.4.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 14 Mar 13:12
· 1313 commits to master since this release


In Cloud Commander v8.4.0 process of adding new columns style simplified drastically 😎.
All you need to do is:

  • create file new-name-size.css in css/columns directory
.owner {
  display: none;
<select data-name="js-columns" class="form-control full-width" title="Columns">
    <option {{ new-name-size-selected }}>new-name-size</option>

This should be enough to add new columns style to Cloud Commander 😉.


  • (name-size-date) improve view
  • (columns) add name-size (#139)
  • (package) redrun v6.0.0
  • (package) url-loader v1.0.1
  • (app) add CLOUDCMD_COLUMNS