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This is web scraper that powers

Data is collected from various sources and written to Airtable.

Running it for yourself

Things you'll need:

  1. Airtable account
  2. Twitter account
  3. Python 3 + virtualenv



  1. Once you've created an Airtable account, use this link to copy the template Base to your own workspace.

  2. From generate your API key and make a note of this. This will be your AIRTABLE_API_KEY.

  3. Go to and select your base (the one to which you copied the source one in step 1 above). The URL you go to will look like - make a note of the appXXXXXXYYYYY. This will be your AIRTABLE_BASE_KEY


Create yourself API keys from

Set up Python virtualenv

The easiest way to run this is in isolation, using virtualenv.

  1. Clone the git repo

     git clone
  2. Create virtualenv

     cd cfp-scraper
     virtualenv --python=python3 .
     source ./bin/

    (Use the activate script appropriate for your shell)

  3. Install required modules

     pip install -r requirements.txt

Run cfp-scraper

  • Activate the virtualenv

      source ./bin/

    (Use the activate script appropriate for your shell)

  • Based on the credentials obtained above, run:

      export TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY=xxxxxx
      export TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET=xxxxxx
      export TWITTER_ACCESS_KEY=xxxxxx
      export TWITTER_ACCESS_SECRET=xxxxxx
      export AIRTABLE_API_KEY=xxxxxx
      export AIRTABLE_BASE_KEY=xxxxxx
  • Launch:

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