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2011, March 13
* Add unique constraint to slug field
* Relocated partial templates to 'includes' directories.
* Search box on every page
* Sorting
2010, November 6
pydanny - better license pulls from pyi, design changes, switch bitbucket handler to use https, correct links to github and bitbucket to use https.
2010, September 12
taavi223 - Query optimization, caching, added functional tests for grid views, and made deleting grid features and packages permission related, and graphical improvements.
ojii - API now supports slugs instead of ids, ++ on grids, and tests
pydanny - various view fixes, moved metadata handling out of and into Package.fetch_data
2010, September 11
pydanny - Added revervsion, API improvements, PyPI XMLRPC connector, improved download listings, admin view of profiles improvements for tracking user actions
taavi223 - Query optimization, code clean up, adding commit history graphs to grid views, improve login functionality to redirect a user back to their previous page, added "I use this" buttons to grid pages, and caching.
2010, September 10
pydanny - Redirected all github references to, API and API docs
taavi223 - Query optimization, caching, and "I use this" controls
jpunteny - Added javascript to enable AJAX "I use this" buttons