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@@ -509,7 +509,7 @@ log4j = {
error myAppender: ""
-This will ensure that the '' logger sends log messages to 'myAppender' as well as any appenders configured for the root logger. To add more than one appender to the logger, then add them to the same level declaration:
error myAppender: "",
@@ -518,19 +518,19 @@ error myAppender: "",
rollingFile: ""
-The above example also shows how you can configure more than one logger at a time for a given appender (@myFileAppender@) by using a list.
-Be aware that you can only configure a single level for a logger, so if you tried this code:
error myAppender: ""
debug myFileAppender: ""
fatal rollingFile: ""
-you'd find that only 'fatal' level messages get logged for ''. That's because the last level declared for a given logger wins. What you probably want to do is limit what level of messages an appender writes.
-An appender that is attached to a logger configured with the 'all' level will generate a lot of logging information. That may be fine in a file, but it makes working at the console difficult. So we configure the console appender to only write out messages at 'info' level or above:
log4j = {
@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@ log4j = {
-The key here is the @threshold@ argument which determines the cut-off for log messages. This argument is available for all appenders, but do note that you currently have to specify a @Level@ instance - a string such as "info" will not work.
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